Here are some photos of some recent outdoor political art activities I and my friends have gotten up to.

We did this banner hang in the month before the Iraq war, I think. Notice the PowerPoint show on the left. It said "No Greed", "No Hate", "No War", "Solar Power", "Solar Peace". The CHP *really* was exercised by that--despite the fact that all-singing, all-dancing animated billboards are all over the Bay Area. I guess you can only have freedom of speech if you're selling something. Hmm. Click it for the full size image.

Ingrid and I created a giant hand-painted version of the photo below and used it the day the "official" invasion (i.e. carpet bombing) of Iraq began. Remember all that criminally arrogant stuff about "shock and awe"? We had an image of a child up there to remind our fellow North Americans that it was real people--who had absolutely nothing to do with Saddam Hussein, let alone 9/11, who would be under the bombs dropping on Baghdad. The little girl showing lives (or lived) in Baghdad. The photo was taken the previous year. Click the image to see how it was made, the giant painted version being carried by four people on the street, and other images from the same project.

This slogan--Love Builds, Empire Kills--has seen a lot of action at various events and marches. Click on the image to see how they're made.

This protest art installation at Lake Merritt was our first. Ingrid and I did it. It was on the day the 500th US soldier died in Iraq. The words "NO MORE WAR" are spelled out by 500 little memorial cards with the soldiers' names, photos, and where they died. Click on it to see the detail. Late in the afternoon, we got told we'd have to leave, but since it was getting late anyway and our light was fading, we didn't push the issue.

This protest art installation was by me and Ingrid again--implemented in 6 mil black polyethylene sheeting ("Visquene"). An irate parks police person seemed to think that we had no right to do such a thing in "his" park. After a long and fruitless discussion of the Oakland civil code, I refused to leave. No one could tell me in anything like a rational way what was illegal about our activity. We ended up getting cited, on the false basis of "harming the grass". It's a whole saga. The case was later dismissed. Click it for the full size image.

After the dismissal of the case against me for the NO WAR IN IRAQ installation, Ingrid and I did another one for election day, November 2004. But this time I called my city council member, Nancy Nadel, ahead of time. She talked to the City Attorney and the Chief of Police. Those two agreed that there was no law against what we were planning, and guaranteed that we would not be molested by the police. An officer attempted to force us to take it down, but got a stand-down order when he radioed in. For once the First Amendment actually worked. Click it for the full size image.

This 65 feet by 15 feet display was by me and Cecile, for the fifth anniversary of 9/11. Notice how pretty the reflection in the water is. It says,

9/11, LIES, WAR, 9/11, LIES... ARE WE SAFER YET? Click it for the full size image.

This display (same as the lower banner above) was by me and Cecile, for the fifth anniversary of 9/11. This is over highway 80 at University Avenue, Berkeley. Click it for the full size image.