Feel boxed in and tempted to go into a behavior that you don't feel good about? Don't give in! Here are a hundred possible things to do instead!  (Thanks to the Mental Health Association of Oregon for many of these ideas.)

Recall your nicest memories
Look at the stars
Read a poem aloud
Hug someone
Build a sandcastle
Read a very good book about the roots of addiction in society
Take a rainy day nap
Turn off the TV and talk
Give yourself a compliment
Walk barefoot
Ask someone to tell you a favorite story
Encourage a young person
Look at small things with a magnifying glass
Give something away you don't like
Clean out your wallet
Practice courage in one small way
Surprise a child
Frame a picture
Visit a lonely person
Learn something new
Lie on the grass
Take a ferry ride
Buy some potted herbs and plant them just so
Organize some small corner of your life
Look at flowers as if for the first time
Have breakfast in bed
Take a different road to get home
Walk in the rain
Tell someone you love him or her
List 10 things you do well
Go to a fair
Break a habit, if just for today
Hide a love note where a loved one will find it
Sign up for a class
Be thankful
Take an early morning walk
Write a letter to God
Sing in the shower
Try a new food
Eat with your fingers
Get curious and explore
Smell a flower
Enjoy silence
Let someone do you a favor
Start a new project
Reread your favorite book
Walk to the nearest park
Get up before anyone else
Listen to Peter and the Wolf
Search out a long-lost friend
Jump in a pile of leaves
Pop popcorn
Sit on the ground and observe as many bugs as you can
Rearrange a room
Do something hard to do
Buy some real clay and make a little sculpture
Make a surprise gift
Write a poem
Go camping
Go wading
Draw a picture, even if you can't draw
Go for a swim
Forget an old grudge
Contact someone you've been thinking about
Let someone love you
Go for a quiet walk in the woods
Help a stranger
Waste a little time
Return something you've borrowed
Cook a special meal with a friend
Bury the hatchet
Walk instead of ride
Make a collage to express how you’re feeling
Make a list of things you're grateful for
Trade old jokes with a friend
Give yourself a present
Do something your pet loves
Send a card to someone for no reason
Volunteer some time to a good cause
Take yourself to lunch
Go to the library
Play with children
Look at old photos
Bake bread
Take a risk
Make an intricate doodle
Find out about something you always wanted to know
Do something you've always wanted to do
Watch the sun set
Pay a compliment
Visit a shut-in
Make a homemade greeting card
Pretend you’re a kid again
Follow a childlike impulse
Kiss someone out of the blue
Let your favorite pet cheer you up


Visitors to the OuttaControl Behavior Page have started a second hundred ideas:

Go rollerblading (Angel)
Make a mini-arrangement of wildflowers (anon.)
Telephone a person you've been missing (James)
Say out loud, "I love myself!" (Scott)
Bake a cake (anon.)
Perform the best talent you have  (Jackie)
Put on your favorite happy music (Heather)
Dance however you want to (Heather)
Plan or do something you always wanted to do (Heather)
Groom your cat (anon.)
Have a good cry (Rachael)
Play Hopscotch (Petra)
Spin (Dan)
Put on your favourite song and sing out loud to it (Sponge)
Look at some beautiful pictures(Webb)

Here are some messages that our visitors wanted to give to you.

Be true to yourself. (John)
Learn to love yourself!! You are you and that's good enough!!! (Eve)

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