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As a user of this website you should know that it is not the work of a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. This is not a "professional" site offering commercial expert advice or referrals. It is the fruit of one person's interest in the problem of addiction in our society and how people come to recognize and recover from it. The test and its interpretation have been studied and commented on by a number of psychologists and addiction counseling professionals, all of whom have expressed strongly positive opinions of its design.

If you have found this site using search engines, you can find "professional" help referrals and links by the same process. More importantly, talk to your doctor, a minister, or a trusted friend. The worst thing about addiction is the isolation of feeling alone in it. The phone book can also point you in the direction of professional help. If you are employed, or if a parent is employed, it is likely that a major portion of any counseling costs for addiction recovery may be covered by medical insurance - even if it is for non-substance problem such as sex, gambling, depression, and so on. Don't let the money issue deter you before you start. Talk to your personnel manager. You will not be expected to say what it's about - just say that you are having some stresses in your personal life and you are worried that it will impact your performance at work. Then say that you would like to learn what  counselling resources are available under your health insurance coverage.

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