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Congratulations on completing the OuttaControl Behavior Test. Wanting to know what's going on with you is a real step in and of itself. Before reading a more detailed explanation of your results, please read the following disclaimer (press your browser's back button when you are finished).
Now for an interpretation of your scores. First, if you see 3 or more marks under A, then you are kind of diving into the behavior and it's pushing important things out of your life. Chances are that there is something wrong in your life that you are not able to deal with, and the behavior is a way of escaping from it. For example, your work could be unsatisfying, a relationship may not be working out, or you may be really lonely.

I have three pairs of words for you if this sounds like what is happening. Write them down and think about them. First, face pain. Take courage, stop running, and admit to yourself what is hurting you. Second,  get help. See a trusted friend, your doctor, or a counselor you respect, and start to deal with the problem you have been running away from. Third, find roots. Think about this one, it will mean something different for each person. Think about it, do something about it.

Second, if you see 3, or especially 4 or more marks under B, then you are hurting yourself , because you are doing things that you don't feel right about. The activity may not be wrong in itself, but you don't feel good about it for yourself. You'll a lot be happier if you figure out a way of stopping.

Third, if you see 3 or more marks under C, then you are hooked on the behavior, and it is out of control. And that hurts your self respect. You might find help in going to an "anonymous" support group.  There are groups that deal with alcohol and drug addiction, sex and love addiction, and some other things too. If you don't know how to find one, ask a friend to help you. Everyone gets hooked on something sometime, and there is no shame in admitting that you need support in getting unhooked. So GO for it.

Fourth, if you see two or more marks under D, then you are trying to use the excitement surrounding this behavior to drown out your boredom or loneliness. In that case, it's important to learn to deal with what is causing the pain, and not just drown it out. It's not easy, but it is the best way. If you can just resolve that you

will love life

more than you want escape from the pain of life, then you have

a fighting chance.

May God, and all wise and good-willed beings you encounter in this universe, help you along your way!

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