The universe already had awesome surprises packed into it,

long before it ever got around to discovering particles

and atoms and molecules and stars and planets

and organic compounds and living, physical structures.

Someone infinitely creative and playful

tucked away wildness and fantastic variety

right down into the deepest structure of reality.

Who is this one, who made the fractal womb,

and out of its pattern unfolded thistles,

and sunflowers and fingerprints

and fishes and butterflies swimming in the sea and in the air

throwing off heart-breaking beauty without a thought,

with fantastic shapes and colors on their wings and bodies?

Who is this one who made ants, and beetles, and wild horses

and corals and lichens and clouds and galaxies?

Who gave me the imagination to ask these questions?

It's you, isn't it—you who invite us to call to you—

The One Who Is There To Help

Whatever names you choose for yourself, thank you.