OuttaControl. . .

Now that you've taken the Outtacontrol Behavior Test, you'd probably like to give some thought to what your scores mean. Well, the general picture is that if you have more than three or four marks altogether for the ten questions, then the behavior you are thinking about has a certain unhealthy side to it in your life. It may or may not be badly out of control, but your way of relating to it or using it is not good for you at this moment. For your wellbeing, it is important for you to assess the things that have (or have had) a really positive role in your life, and to re-invest in those things.

Have you gotten a really low score?

Have you gotten a score of three or four or more? You should view a more detailed interpretation of your score, which focuses on four separate problem patterns that you can get into with any behavior. It only takes a minute or two to read. Also, checking out the detailed interpretation entitles you to collect the "I survived the OuttaControl Behavior Test!" virtual souvenir T-Shirt, which features the animated fractal spiral you see on these pages. (It's made of photons, not cotton, get it? Nothing to buy!) If you like, you can "send" the souvenir T-shirt to your friends on email and challenge them to take the OuttaControl Behavior Test.

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Are you an established addiction recovery specialist, or a researcher for one? The author of this website values any substantive critique or a "site review" from knowledgeable persons in the fields of psychology and addiction. Licensed professional counselors are encouraged to email comments on the test, including the web presentation and interpretation. 


Congratulations, that's a good sign. If you're still uneasy about the behavior despite the low score, you will probably find help in thinking quietly about the detailed interpretation and what parts of it ring true to you.You're certainly welcome to check out the detailed interpretation in any case, of course, to see how it works, and give your feedback. You can also enjoy the souvenir "T-shirt", and you can email it to a friend you think might find the test useful.

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