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Hi, you've reached the OuttaControl Behavior Test web page. If you read on, you'll be taking a new self-test that has been highly praised by psychologists who specialize in helping people with behaviors that get out of control. To take this test you need to have a particular behavior in mind, and you need to decide that you're going to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. (If you don't feel able to deal with taking a test right now, you might try this link instead.) Ready to learn something?

Notice the letters A, B, C and D in the window to the left of your screen. Each letter has eight check boxes underneath it, for you to record responses to some brief questions. No one is going to use this information except for you, so consider the left window like a scratch pad.

I am going to ask some questions, and for each question,  if the answer is no, that's not very true of me, then you don't tick any boxes for that question.

If the answer is, yeah, kinda, or that's sometimes true of me, then you tick one empty box under column A, B, C or D -- whichever letter I put at the beginning of that question.

And if the answer is, yeah, that is definitely true of me, or that rings true at the moment, then you tick two empty boxes. You might end up with anywhere from zero to eight ticks in each column. There will be ten questions, and the whole test only takes five minutes or so. Have a particular behavior in mind?

Here we go.

A. Do you think about this activity a lot when you're not doing it? Tick none, or one, or two boxes under the letter A. From now on I am just going to put "A" or "B", or whatever, at the beginning of the question, and that will tell you which column to put your ticks under.

B. Do you often think, "this isstupid, why do I keep doing it??".

C. Do you sometimes tell yourselfthat it's all right to do it "just this once" or "just one more time, then I'll quit"?

D. Are thoughts and plans aboutthe activity, and the moments right before activity itself, kind of hyped up and intense feeling, and is there a let-down afterwards, where you feel drained or flat?

A. Does this thing take up moreof your time, energy or money than you can really afford, and still be faithful to yourself, your family, and your close relationships?

B. Have you planned and done specificthings to hide the fact that you are involved in this activity?

C. Have you resolved more than onceto quit the activity or to cut it down a lot, and discovered that you couldn't, that you were powerless over the temptation to do it again?

D. In a quiet moment, do you sometimesthink to yourself, "Why do I do it? If I am totally honest, it kinda makes me feel sick inside."

A. Do you keep pouring more andmore time and money into this activity, so that valuable time and money keep slipping away from you?

B. Does this activity, or the amountof this activity that you do, go against your personal sense of values, your inner sense of right and wrong?

Congratulations, you've completed the test. If you would like to look at a brief interpretation of your results, please Press Here.

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